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The great thing about living in a luxurious condominium, just like the Imperium, is you don’t even need to leave the premises to engage in exciting and relaxing activities. This is made possible because of several amenities found in this property. With the presence of these amenities, it’s like your residence in the Imperium is made grander and livelier. Each day presents an opportunity to meet great people in your community or do something that’s totally new.

One of the Imperium’s highlights is its mini theater. Back in the old days, you would spend considerable time getting to the cinemas and paying money just to watch the latest movies. Here at the Imperium, you don’t even need to go to a mall to catch what’s new in the movie world. All you need to do is sit back and relax with the company of your loved ones. That’s made possible with the inclusion of recliner chairs to make your movie experience more comfortable.

If you think living in a condominium will just help you gain weight, you’ve never been so wrong. The developers of this property has included a quality fitness area to make sure you stay in shape and healthy. Inside this facility is a wide variety of modern fitness equipment you can take advantage of to achieve the body of your dreams. With this amenity at your beck and call, staying healthy is easier than ever.

Time is important for you and going to commercial establishments, no matter how near they are to the Imperium, can sometimes be detrimental. That’s why the developers of this property included retail stores in its ground level to make life more convenient for you. If you are in need of basic goods, an elevator ride is all it takes to attain them here in the Imperium.

Of course, the kids aren’t forgotten at all. Here at the Imperium, they can be themselves and have a great time in this property’s landscaped garden and outdoor play facilities. Kids of all ages can just hang back and have fun without the dangers of the metro lurking by. Now, that’s something a conventional home can’t give you.

And speaking of safety, you won’t even lose a minute of sleep worrying about your welfare. The Imperium has a lot of security measures to ensure your safety is well taken care of, no matter what the circumstances may be. There are CCTV cameras in common areas of this condominium that will make sure no one unwanted can break into your residence. Security officials are tasked to keep a watchful eye on you and your belongings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, a system of fire sprinklers and alarms are installed all over the Imperium to make sure you are safe from any disaster.

These amenities are but a taste of what your life can be here at the Imperium. There are a lot more in store for you. All it takes is one visit to check out all their amenities and you’ll be enticed to change your address here.

  • Outdoor Play Area
  • Landscaped Garden
  • Grand Lobby
  • High Performance fitness facility
  • Recreation rooms
  • Resident’s Lounge
  • Function rooms
  • Mini Theater with recliner chairs
  • Ground Level retail
  • Access and Parking
  • Basement and Podium Parking
  • Key Card access system
  • 24 hour security and maintenance
  • CCTV in common areas
  • 3 passenger elevator and 1 service elevator
  • Mailroom and concierge services
  • Automatic fire alarm and sprinkler system
  • 100% back up power on all residential
  • 50% emergency supply for all residential units
  • Garbage disposal amenities on all floors
  • Driver’s Lounge
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